Pichelsteinerfest Regen - English Version

148. Pichelsteinerfest in Regen from 28.07.2023 - 02.08.2023

The Pichelsteinerfest, the biggest and most popular beer festival in the Bavarian forest and surroundings, has a lot to offer for example: parades, the breathtaking water fountains, Funfair and the magnificent fireworks show at the end of the festival. You can read about the different events in the in the following articels. Please understand that this is only a small view of the Pichelsteinerfest.

The Gondola Parade - A charming Light show

The Gondola Parade on the Pichelsteiner Saturday evening is unique in the Barvarian Forest. The first parade was held in the year 1930 with a few boats, in the fifties there was an average of about 10 boats and the event has grown in the meantime to a number of over 30 boats. The event was adjourned during the Second World War due to the circumstances at the time. The inflatable boats are provided by the German army and are decorated with different themes each year. The boats are lighted with torches, headlights and light chains.
The first responsible was Willy Schicker, who was supported greatly bye the canoe club. From 1969 till 1974 Josef Stoiber took over the responsibility, in 1974 Franz Eberl and Heinz Schafhauser is in charge of things since 1987. At the moment the chef is Edwin Stoletzky.
The attraction is so large, that in the last few years more than 10 thousend spectators line the banks of the river Regen to watch the show. After the parade it is almost impossible to geht into the beer tents and halls.

The Festival Parade - A highlight year after year

The festival parade on the Pichelsteiner Sunday must be the highlight of the festival week. At the beginning of the festival activities, the parade consisted of a few walking groups, after 1930 there were more horseback riders and up to this day there are about 625 participants, 3 bands, and the length of the parade is between two and three kilometres. The highlight of the parade has to be the Falter Brewery-Wagon which is pulled by 10 horses, guided alone by Sepp Baptist Falter jun..

The Water fountains - A Magnificent entry to the town

The water fountains, which are placed in the River Regen at the entry to the town, give a special welcome to the visitors especially at the night, where the fountains are lighted with different colours. The first accounting of the fountains was in 1954. Georg Weikl, organizer of the Kolping training courses, had the great idea to use the water for the beautiful attraction. In 1991 the floods tore the fountains from their anchors, so that the whole complex hat to be replaced. Today, due to new technology, the complete unit is lifted into the water with a crane.

The Fireworks - A worthy finish to the festival week

On the last day of the Pichelsteinerfest the sky is lighted by a gigantic Fireworks show which is shot from the hills on the south of the town. Everybody tries to get a good spot to watch. It is almost impossible to get from one place to another at this time of the evening.